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February 02, 2014

No Imported Rice In Central Java

The Central Java branch of the state run Board of Logistics (Bulog) said there is no imported rice entering the market in the province. Imports of rice from Vietnam has ...

January 25, 2014

Bulog's North Sumatra To Buy 10,000 Tons Of Rice

The National Logistics Agency (Bulog) has announced plans to purchase 10,000 tons of rice from farmers in North Sumatra this year - down from the 15,000-ton target set for 2013. ...

December 12, 2013

Bulog To Celebrate For No Longer Importing Rice This Year : State Enterprise Minister

State-Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskand said state logistics board Bulog might organize a party to celebrate its success in stopping rice imports this year. "Beginning ...

October 26, 2013

Central Sulawesi Regional Office Maintains Seven Month Supply Of Rice

The Central Sulawesi office of the state logistics board Bulog is still holding 24,000 tons of rice to maintain a seven month supply of rice for the general public, its chief ...

September 16, 2013

Bulog Distributes 3 Tons Rice To Mount Sinabung Refugees

North Sumatra State Logistics Agency (Bulog) has distributed three tons of rice to aid refugees from the Mount Sinabung eruption in Karo District on Sunday. "Bulog has ...




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Rice for Poor Households

Target of Household 15.530.897 RTM
Plafond 2.795.562 Ton
Realization 685.408 Ton
Beneficiaries 15.530.897 RTM


Retail Rice Prices

Medium Rice Price on Consumers' Level

Medium Quality Rice Price Rp 8.485/kg

Medium Rice Price Rp 9.404/kg


Procurement of Paddy Rice

85.600 tons equivalent rice


Commodity Review

Wholesaler Rice Price at PIC Jakarta (Rp/Kg)

  (14/11/13) (13/12/13)
Cianjur Kepala 11.300 11.300
Cianjur Slyp 10.300 10.300
Setra 9.500 9.700
Saigon 9.000 9.000
Muncul I 8.500 8.600
Muncul II 8.000 8.000
Muncul III 7.400 7.400
IR 64 - I 8.400 8.600
IR 64 - II 7.800 8.000
IR 64 - III 7.200 7.400
IR 42 8.800 8.800